First Listen Review


This is the Compton rapper's 3rd commercial album release, the most recent since his 2016 release Still Brazy. With these types of reviews, there isn't too much to say prior... so let's just get right into it. Press play. 


1.      10 TIMES

The beat for this intro is crazy, super West Coast as expected. YG is just discussing his life and responsibilities over production that is definitely driving the song in a strong way into a short gospel bridge that adds more context to the term “stay dangerous” and its flip of the phrase stay safe. Nice intro.


He isn’t wasting any time to get into the fast-paced gang heavy content that he’s known and respected for in the industry. This song featuring Jay 305, gets the blood (no pun intended) pumping with the heavy bass and hook that’s slid into by YG talkin’ that talk over a smooth yet aggressive flow, this track is hard.

3.      HANDGUN

This album looks to just be full of bangers set to have the trunk rattling all summer. He has a A$AP Rocky feature on this one and he doesn’t disappoint in my opinion. The middle of his verse is reminiscent of old Mannie Fresh from his days with Cash Money. Another hard hitter right here.

4.      SUU WHOOP

So far, I’m locked in, this album isn’t the most lyrical or conceptual album by far, but it’s slappin’ hard. He is definitely in a comfortable pocket on this album and I’m enjoying all of it so far. The production is A1 as well, this album is going crazy in the whip.


Nice flow change on this song, probably my favorite song so far. It offers different flows and styles and the hook stands out more than many of the previous ones. He is styling on this song and it was much needed to prevent too much of a similar sound on the front end of the album. Best song so far.  

6.      TOO COCKY

I like this song too, it seems like the song that comes before a big song though. It doesn’t necessarily help or hurt the project. The hook is aight and the beat get this song by. Its cool overall.

7.      BIG BANK

This song is star-studded with features from 2 Chainz, Big Sean, & Nicki Minaj. Chainz is Chainz, and this type of beat gives him a lot of room to get his typical lines and just glide over the beat. This song ‘on paper’ is a hit. Big Sean is rappin! He still feels like he has something to prove in the rap game, and you can tell that he feels he’s a star and he can compete with the big-name artists. Nicki Minaj thought this was “Monster” with all of these drops, its clearly not the same level of verse but she didn’t ruin the song either. This song is good, but not what I thought it would be.

8.      POWER

Ty Dolla $ign can’t really do wrong on features, and this beat is dope too. The hook is minimal and repetitive like many of the earlier hooks (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), and YG throws the alley-oop to Ty Dolla to take this song over and he does just that.  Ty Dolla saves this song, YG might have just freestyled this one. Could’ve been better.

9.      SLAY

The intro sample on this beat is amazing. Quavo is the feature artist, and much like Ty Dolla, he can’t really do wrong. The hook is laid back yet still dope, and YG x Quavo actually make a good combo on this song. YG showed up on this song and the album is on a upward trend going into the back 3rd of the tracklist.

10.  666

YG is going in on this track. He flips the switch and goes back into the bass-heavy, aggression-driven style that dominated the beginning of the album. He has YoungBoy Never Broke Again on this one as a feature artist, and his energy is well received and a good addition to the song. Pretty good production on this one, overall good song.


West Coast all over this song, YG picks beats that do well to create a catered sound to his Compton roots and West Coast gangsta-rap. Mozzy is on this song, he keeps the same energy that YG is delivering on his verses, and they come together to go back and forth on bars on the last verse of the song. Aight YG, I see you picking it back up. Good track.


This song sounds like it was bottled and saved from 1995, to be touched up and released now which isn’t bad at all. From the beat, to the bridge after the hook, to his style on the song, it all screams old school West Coast. This is another dope song, one of the favorites.


YG took the story telling route on this one. It’s on a slightly different note than many of the other songs on the album in how he put it together. He talks about his real life and all the good bad and ugly that comes with his gang ties and being a successful rapper/father and trying to find balance. It’s a change of pace from the earlier tracks, but it doesn’t go unappreciated. Good beat, not a bad track.


Just Listen to it. It brings a lot of things home. It’s more than rap.


Great Outro. Did exactly what it was supposed to do. The beat is great and allows the YG the space to get a lot of things off his chest in a heartfelt way that you can only respect. He put it all on the table for us to hear and feel, its almost as if he saved it all for the outro and it made it that much more impactful.


              If you’re new to YG or on the fence about giving this album a listen, I can tell you it is worth a spin and this effort attempts to get you a few different vibes and things to hold on to throughout the album. It has good production, pretty good features, replay value, and good energy throughout. Personally, I recommend it, and I would give it a strong C+ to a light B-.