Ladies, I don’t have much to say today. However, I do have many pictures to give you ideas! If you are more visual like I am, you will definitely appreciate it. Nails complete your whole outfit and complement your make up. While we can all agree we don't have to keep our nails done at all times, that little bit of extra fire that finished nails provide can really set things off. Nail artists are getting more and more creative! There are sooo many choices these days you from powder dipped to matte to metallic to jelly and shimmer. The list is long!

The first thing look to i'm loving are Jelly Nails (or Glass Nails as they are sometimes called). It's definitely the summer's it trend for nails. It’s slightly see-through look, achieved by applying a clear tip to the nail or sculpting it with a clear, hard gel, and then adding a sheer, vibrant polish on top. A funny example I saw on Instagram was a lady with yellow jelly nails with while liquid polish but the nail artist added dead mosquitoes, one at a time on each nail! Not really my style but different tastes are cool too!!

Another new trend I’ve tried and loved myself, It's 100% nail polish in a strip that includes the base coat, the color coat and the top coat in one. The average time to wear is 14 minutes. It's easy to remove with any nail polish remover and lasts for 2-3 weeks. Prices are very reasonable. Thank you @naileditbylisakim for introducing me to this amazing invention. Contact Lisa today for your free sample

@naileditbylisakim  introduced me to these Easy to Apply strips from ColorStreet. They come in many amazing patterns!

@naileditbylisakim introduced me to these Easy to Apply strips from ColorStreet. They come in many amazing patterns!

Nails with jewelry on....if you've ever seen Cardi B you will know what I’m talking about !!! I’m not sure how practical those could be, but they can be pretty decorative though if you are attending a Wedding or a party. Nail jewelry is widely available even online at places like Amazon and eBay too.

Nail Jewelry is all the rage these days!

Nail Jewelry is all the rage these days!

With so many different options available it's becoming challenging to match your lipstick and nails, but whenever you get the chance to, please do it because it always looks so glamorous. That’s pretty much all I have about new nails trends right now, enjoy these nice pictures and get your nails done this weekend!!!

- Huda Fashionista

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