The weather is getting warmer and nicer which means floral prints are out. Why not? Especially when you see all those beautiful rainbow colors all around you! It’s extremely contagious!

Floral clothing may come with different sized flowers. If you are petite, always go with the big flower. If you are medium size to large, try floral clothing with small flowers or medium mixed with small flowers. The length of your dress or skirt doesn’t matter as there are so many nice trends nowadays. We no longer are as limited as before. It makes me appreciate all designers and markets because I love to try out everything and you should too! Unleash your sense of fashion, change colors, try patterns and rock every suitable trend you desire.

Now that you’re all floral and looking sexy, time to chose your shoes and purse and not to mention accessories and hair and make up to complete your summer hot looks. Shoes should always be a solid color as too much is going on as it is; flats, heels or even wedges are all trendy. Neutral colors are always a go to and same for your purse.

Solid Color Purse with Solid color heels complement the Floral Patterns!

Solid Color Purse with Solid color heels complement the Floral Patterns!

Belt or no belt is your choice, depends on what style you’re wearing. I personally like belts only if I’m wearing high heels. My tiny size doesn’t allow it if I’m wearing flats. Tall ladies could get away with wearing belts more often, in my opinion. Remember the belt has to be a solid color as well, preferably a neutral color, unless the color of your floral print dictates otherwise.

Now onto hair and make up; my favorite part. Your make up could be either bold eyes neutral lips or bold lips and dreamy eyes. It’s as simple as that. Add a tiny flower to your hair and let it down. You could curl it a bit if you have longer hair. If your hair is short, girl you are ready just remember your bold lipstick.

Floral on floral is a big no no. Floral on stripes? PLEASE don’t. Even though I always say rock your style day or night, not today not with florals. Keep it simple, you are already looking so colorful with those pretty flowers on the beautiful you.

How do you like to wear florals? Let me know your thoughts!


- Huda Fashionista

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