In my opinion lashes are one of the greatest inventions in our era. Whether we used good mascara, extensions or just regular lashes with different thickness and length. It brings the whole look together.

Did you know back in the 60s and 70s, professional photographers used a black marker to draw lashes on women’s personal pictures. So funny but true and they were so good you couldn’t tell if it was fake or the real thing.

How do you find a good mascara? So many brands, some of them are really good, some not so much, some expensive and some you could get for a very reasonable price. I used to think when you pay more, you get better quality. Well Maybelline proved me wrong on this one. I tell you I tried every brand you could think off and one day a friend of mine suggested I try the COLOSSAL VOLUME EXPRESS by Maybelline. It’s less than $10 and gave my lashes length and beautiful thickness. People asked me all the time if I was wearing lashes. That’s my go to mascara if you ask me.

Extensions are so glam if you have the time to maintain and bank account to support. Depends if you are allergic to the glue some artists use or not, be careful about that. However most artists are pretty good about using the best quality. I mean you kinda have to if you wish to keep your clients and grow your business. Extensions make life easier if you are in the run all the time. You could swim and work out looking fabulous and natural.

Our last choice would be the regular lashes you get from any grocery store or small business owner. When you are not wearing mascara or extensions, this is the best choice in my opinion. Takes 30 seconds to glue one in, cost is reasonable and looks just irresistible. Some can even be cleaned and re-used a couple times. The best brand I’ve used by Red Aspen from Kristin M on Instagram @girlmeetslashes_ktat

Now if a natural look is what you prefer and none of these are your thing. Farah D Instagram master on beauty, @farahdhukai, advises a magical mix you make at home for longer lashes. All you need is a tablespoon of Aloe Vera Gel and a small spoon of Black Castor Oil. Mix them together and apply on lashes with a clean wand. Leave it on lashes over night and wash it in the morning.

Ladies, looking fabulous today could be easy or hard, depends on your preference and personal choice and style. As I always say, do not follow every trend out there and find what suits you. Keep it fabulous lovely ladies and have a Fabulash day

- Huda Fashionista

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