Better ask yourself how often designers come up with new show trend ? Often right! Every season to be accurate. Does that mean we need to change our shoe wardrobe that often!?

Well, no we do not have to and I’ll tell you why. As humans we have different shape of legs and feet. If you look how straight your legs are and how bent my legs are, you will know what I’m talking about. For a long time I sat down with straight back and legs to straighten my legs out, silly me I was a kid, however now I know the secret and I accept it.

You will wonder why I talk about legs and thinking that has nothing to do with shoe trend, Ummm yes it totally does. Some tend to believe it’s convenient to follow the trend and purchase every style comes out. The secret to looking your best at all times is to know what suits your body; your feet and the length of your legs. Say you’re 6 feet tall. Will you look trendy with 5 inches heels because it was a popular brand? I’d question your bank account if you did.

Obviously most of us like to look cute. I say for the sake of ourselves before anyone else, or at least that’s what I like to believe. I have a guide line when it comes to buying shoes. Instead of trying every pair I see, because I’m a typical woman, a shoe lover. I realize being 5’3, I either look good with 4’ heels if I’m dressed up or flats when I’m casual. There is no middle fashion class here for me, or maybe it means I’m edgy! We will never know.

Following the trend every season could get pricey and stressful. There is a trick to it if you had older sisters or a mother with a good taste of fashion. Ask them to keep, and not get rid of, good condition shoes. Fashion often repeats itself. In case you haven’t gotten the chance to wear them, a second generation may thank you for it later.

Know what suits you, take couple of hours for yourself, visit a shoe store, try on as many as you want and snap pictures. Judge yourself and figure out your style. Consider comfort not only the trend. I’ll talk about this more in details next time, but for now rock it out beautiful ladies and find your own trend.

- Huda Fashionista

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