Hey everyone, My name is Huda and I’m fashionholic just to keep it real with you all. I have great passion for fashion whether it’s checking out one of the popular brands or more modest ones.

I remember when I was 9 and used to play, what we called back in the day, MODELING with my neighbor. I’d put my mama’s heels on and wear her silk shirt as a dress. I didn’t forget to accessorize it with her necklaces. I have no doubt in my mind that most girls dressed up from their mom’s closets at that age.

I’m a firm believer that no one should follow fashion steps for very reasonable reasons. First off, not every trend suits my body, my height and size. Second off, not all of us could afford to change our wardrobes every season head to toe, however there is a trick to that I’ll mention it in another blog. Plus it’s time consuming, shopping takes time you guys, at least with me! Who could relate!?

Last but not least, I will be jumping on your screen here and there to talk about trends and fashion related subjects. Stay tuned and hope I could be of a benefit to you all. Till next time, keep it fashionable! Wink wink!

- Huda Fashionista