Cole Jackson met with the beautiful Love Moor on a Sunday the day after her performance at Sloss Fest in Birmingham, she was exhausted.  Love Moor has found success in a project that she intended to be only 4 songs.  Simp Girl has taken her from doing small shows in different venues in Birmingham to performing at SxSW, where she was a part of NPR Top 100 artists to see, to opening up for H.E.R. at UAB for a huge crowd and that just the beginning of the year.  Love Moor has a voice that reaches into your soul and brings you into her world of love, questions of why and self worth.  Cole Jackson had the pleasure to sit and talk about humble beginnings, her first CD, insecurities as a woman, the success of Simp Girl and what the future may hold.  Go listen to Love Moor's Simp Girl project along with her other music at the links below.