I went to Make BHM to sit down with a group I haven't interviewed in a year.  I see them in the city all the time at the various hip hop events in Birmingham.  The project When Gawd Ready is a project that has been in the making for a while, ask anyone that knows hip hop in Birmingham and they will tell you this is highly a anticipated project, personally I have been waiting on this project since I interviewed KLUB Monsta a year ago. Josh, Dotta and Kels, are some of the best MC's you'll come across, if you doubt me, go listen to their music.  KLUB Monsta have been labeled as rap Gods in the city of Birmingham, when they drop a project, it's best to move out the way.  Being around these guys you can tell they are very calculating and strategic in every move that they make when it comes to their music.  Don't sleep on these guys go listen to When Gawd Ready and hear the talent for yourself.  

-Cole Jackson

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