For those who don't know Skoolie Escobar has known that he has wanted to be a rapper since the age of 10. Skoolie Escobar represents Bessemer Alabama to the fullest and he is quick to let you know at anytime. Skoolie is one of the most talented, braggadocious, and humble artist that I've had the pleasure of interviewing.  In this interview Skoolie talks about his motivation from a early age, as well as who inspired him the most, to why he works so hard on anything he puts his name on.  Cole and Skoolie also talk about growing and evolving as a artist from his early projects to his newest one Sincerest Apologies and why his music has such a unique sound.  Skoolie also talks about what it was like to go on his first tour and why it's something that he needs to do again.  Finally, we get into the topic of what impact he wants to leave in hip hop, what kind of footprint a young artist like Skoole Escobar can put forth for others in the state of Alabama.  If you don't know who Skoolie Escobar is now, don't worry you will know his name sooner than you think.