G.I. talks to Cole about who and what started his move to hip hop.  G.I. also gets into his roots of how he got his rap style, where he got his beginning and what motivates him to do music.  G.I. and Cole talk about the hip hop group The BattleCats with childhood friends The Real Joe Clark and Dean Priest.  G.I. gets personal when he talks about what he had to go through when he made his first project Backpacks & Bubblegum.  The conversation moves towards what happen when he took a break from hip hop and what made him come back.  As well as talking about making more socially aware music with a darker tone.  G.I. talks to Cole about giving back to the community and trying to help the hip hop community in the Birmingham connect to each other.  Finally, G.I. talks about his recent single Kick That Flow, his new project Ampersand and what will be coming in 2017.  We want to thank G.I. Magus for giving us the time to talk to him, we also what to say thank you to T-Bones in 5 Points South for allowing us to do the interview and the awesome food.  If you want to check out what G.I. Magus is doing, we have it all down below.