In today's #CenteredThursday, I wanted to expound upon a remark that I made on a recent podcast with long-time neighborhood homie Darnell. He invited me to come talk about communication in relationships and y'all know that's my bag. 

I am a firm believer that we as people need more than one relationship to enrich us and help us in growth, and this is likely due to my being polyamorous. It is unrealistic for me to expect to get everything I need from one person, so each person in my life is special and plays a unique role in my life. Not all relationships are romantic, however; and that's where we get into the topic at hand: What is the difference between Soul Mates and Life Partners? and are there different types of love?

First, I know your first question is: what is polyamorous? Its a fancy word that means that I find value in having more than one partner. As stated above, not all partners are romantic, and I am able to experience different types of love with different people. Some of my partners could be soul mates, some could not be but I may experience a different form of love with them. At this point in my life, I am confident that I have one life partner (hey boo!) and at least two soul mates. I am sure that I will encounter more soul mates in this lifetime, and they will all help to push me to realizing my higher self.

now what are these different types of love? The English language is very limiting on the definition of love, but we know from experience that the love for a pet is different from your love for frozen yogurt and your love for a parent. But you love them all, right? so how do you make the distinction? Check out a detailed description here


Now what about soul mates and life partners?

Soulmates can be...  ...someone who fulfills a lesson in your life  ...sometimes masked as friends, family members and lovers  ...someone who fills a passion and desire that needs to be learned  ...someone who guides you toward a lesson and usually exits the picture, leaving you in tremendous heartache

Soulmates can be...

...someone who fulfills a lesson in your life

...sometimes masked as friends, family members and lovers

...someone who fills a passion and desire that needs to be learned

...someone who guides you toward a lesson and usually exits the picture, leaving you in tremendous heartache

Soulmates are often credited with pushing you to a higher state of being and consciousness, while life partners are companions whom you trust and depend on during your life. 

Life partners share your interests and hobbies, but they are also a source of strength and support in your life. They stick around regardless of the ups and downs, and the spiritual and emotional connections are not based in ego. 

Relationships with soul mates are often tumultuous and full of transitions because they are forcing you to learn something and grow. Have you ever heard of growing pains? Growth hurts but its necessary. And soulmates help you become whom you are destined to be, if you actually learn the lessons offered. 

With life partners, you are at a point of self-love and confidence and self-acceptance, and you are not looking to be made whole. You are not looking for voids to fill. Your life partner will enter your life, also accepting self-love and they are on the journey with you for the long haul. 

Meeting your soulmate makes you feel like you have known them forever. You probably grew up similarly, and you love this person because they think just like you. You are attracted to them because your souls are magnetically connected and when souls recognize each other, you will often find yourselves in chaotic situations because you two are so similar, the good and the bad. 

The differences in paths that you and your life partner have is what will bring you closer together and enhances the emotional connection. You'll want to know more about this person and learn their story, and your love for them compounds everyday.

There is a higher connection between thinking and feeling with you and a soulmate. You know each other's thoughts and desires because you are connected by raw emotion. 

Life partners are attracted to one another physically and crave to learn the other's values. The relationship is based on logical and intellectual stimulation, rather than the unpredictability of being emotionally driven. 

Soul mates can enter your life at a critical time when you need to find closure. Amazing lessons can come from these relationships, but the love shared in these relationships can be full of obstacles. it can be difficult to find your footing in this relationship when you both bring out the best and worst from each other. 

A relationship with a life partner is easy and begins without work or force. All you have is the right now; not the past or future stories that can manipulate the union. These relationships can lead to healthy marriages because the importance of individuality and authenticity work together to help create oneness. 

It is said that the biggest difference in a life partner and a soul mate is that one is a choice, while the other is not. That does not mean that a soul mate cannot also be a life partner and vice versa. 



So what do you think about this breakdown of love, soul mates and partnerships? Do you have a soul mate, and what kind of love do you experience with them? What about a life partner? let me know everywhere @jazzmynblu



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