It's #BeautyTuesday and I tried a new beauty product! Save your coins and check my review for free!

So I was doing my usual mindless scroll through facebook and I stumbled upon this product that promised visibly longer lashes using silk fibers. Check the video here.

I ordered it and about 7 days later, I received my product. Nice box, but not a lick of English and instructions were nowhere to be found:


The box had two products, both labeled mascara. The shorter tube seemed to contain the silk fibers, while the longer tube looked like your standard mascara wand:


I applied the mascara wand first and the application and result were lackluster. I assumed that the fibers would work the magic and give me the volume and length promised in the ad. But naw, just fibers everywhere:


I tried reapplying the mascara after the silk fibers and it darkened my lashes. Dassit:




I'll stick to my drugstore tried-and-true: L'Oreal Voluminous + Primer. Works every time!


what products have you tried that were complete fails?! Commiserate with me everywhere @jazzmynblu



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