How do I go from looking sleepy to looking awake and ready to start my day? Here's a step-by-step process in how I apply my makeup most days.

First, you want to make sure that your face, brushes and hands are clean. This is very important for acne-prone skin like mine. And even though my skin is naturally oily, it's still important that I moisturize my face to balance out my skin's natural sebum (oil) production.

Next, make sure you're in a well-lit area (most days, my makeup is done in the car because I'm too sleepy to wake up 30 minutes earlier to do my makeup at home). Natural light is best for applying makeup. Why, you ask? "Diffused ambient light [is necessary ]... to brighten your face that there are no shadows highlighted on the face." (For more tips on lighting for makeup, click here.)

So now that we have our lighting, its time to gather our products:

the supplies.png

From left to right, here is the order in which I apply my products:

what I purchased.png

Now that my hands are clean, its time to prime my skin for makeup. Why do I use a primer? Since I have oily skin and large pores, using a primer as a base ensures that I'm applying my makeup on an even surface and the primer also helps to decrease oil production. I want a matte look for my daily look, so using a primer is a big plus for me.

I use about a dime size amount and dot my highest points on my face to distribute evenly:


Don't forget the neck! everything that you do to the face (for the most part), make sure you also blend into the neck to about the collarbone area. The biggest faux pas that you can commit with makeup application to to fail to blend your face products into your neck. Rookie mistake. I want my everyday looks to seem like I'm not wearing any products at all, so adequate blending is ESSENTIAL!

I stipple the product into my face and neck, and while the primer is setting, I start on my lips:

more apply.png

I am wearing the Rock N' Rose lip liner from Jordana, and its perfect for nude looks on me. I fill in my lips with my latest favorite lipstick shade - L'Oreal Colour Riche in Freida's Nude #350. Mauvy-nudes work great with my natural lip color, and these type of shades are perfect for my everyday looks.

Now that my lips are done, I work on my face. I use two foundations that serve two distinct purposes - the first foundation is used mostly to cover my acne scars and the matte formula keeps the oiliness at bay. The second foundation is used to bring color back to my face and also provide a matte medium to full coverage. Each foundation is applied by stippling. I've found and read that the method in applying is just as important as the products you use to create your look, so keep that in mind. Stippling packs the product into the skin, allowing for a more blended look that appears more natural:


Yes, I know that I look ashy. But my acne scars are covered and I have an even base to my face. Nice coverage and matte finish for the overall look.

While the first foundation sets, its time to work on the eyes. I use e.l.f.'s liquid liner and a combination of mascaras (my preference at the moment):


Now that the eye look is done, its brow time. I always get questions about my brows, so here are some FAQs: Yes, I shape my brows myself. I shape them with a small angled pair of tweezers. My brows are naturally thin, but have definitely been thickening up lately. To achieve my brow look, I only use a brow pencil (Wet n Wild's Simmer Brown Now eyeliner pencil) and a small angle brush by Sonia Kashuk:


You want to make sure that each time you are filling in your brows that the pencil is sharp. Dull pencils lead to messy brows and no one wants messy brows.

I start with outlining my brow at the highest point of my arch then I bring the line down to the tail. Next, I outline the full length of my eyebrow from the bottom of my brow, closest to my eyelid. Now that I have my lines (not very thick btw), its time to blend. I blend from my arch through the tail, then I blend from the front of my eyebrow to the arch. The blending from the front of the eyebrow is different in that I am literally pulling the product up from the bottom of the brow and blending it into the width of the brow. Once the width is blended, I complete the outline of the brow at the top, connecting he arch to the rest of the brow. Once the top of my brow has the shape I want, I work on the beginning of the brow (closest to the bridge of my nose). Square eyebrows are not my thing, so I take the tip of the angle brush and literally round out my eyebrow. I repeat the same outlining and blending on the other side. Remember: eyebrows are sisters, not twins. Its okay if they don't look exactly alike, but they should at least look related!


We're almost done with this look. Now its time to bring the color back into my face with my second foundation. This formula is my new favorite - L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation in Creme Cafe #110. It has a demi-matte finish and wears up to 24 hours, has an air-light texture with oil-control. and so far, it has proven to be that good:

touch up.png

I lightly dot the product on my brush and then proceed to stamp my face. three stamps on the forehead, a couple on each cheek, one on the nose and chin, and three on the neck. Stipple to blend.

Last but not least, I seal my makeup with a powder. Translucent powders work well but can sometimes leave a white cast on your face for photos. Choose your setting powder wisely and wear the best powder for the occasion:


And now I'm done and ready to start my day! How do you #getpolished?